My own Civilization gameplay animation

2016-09-10 09:01:51 by GeneralVimes

This Saturday I can share an animated gif of my own turn-base strategy gameplay.

My own civilization gameplay

Here you see as I start, improve terrain, explore territory. Then I found a colony. I begin spending my soft-power points to keep the colony controlled and avoid it declaring independence.

Later you can notice how the colony's border colour is changed and its own flag appears on the city icon.

As the colony becomes an independent country, it gains an ability to found own colonies.

For the debug purposes I show the current projects of all the nations on the map (even in the fog of war). In the actual version you'll see only your projects and those ones which interact with you: propaganda, war, etc

I need to adjust gameplay coefficients to balanse the process of empire growth/collapse.

Within next week I'll do this, integrate convenient controls and informers to make the game ready for the pre-alpha test.


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