Strategic interface of my Civilizations Builder game

2016-09-26 07:48:06 by GeneralVimes

Thank you very much for playtesting the initial version of "Civilizations Builder". Got multiple useful suggestions from you, working hard to implement them. And now I'm ready to show the current strategic interface


Unlike Sid Meyer's Civilization (which, I think, is an ingenious game, but needs some adjustments), you won't need to build a scout, then move the scout to one cell, then to another. Instead you'll need just to set up a strategic task "sentry", and your people will do the rest.

The same works for all the other aspects: colonization, revolution, terrain improvement, wars.
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2016-09-26 18:34:44

Oy you're using starling, props! :D

It's a really cool idea to simplify civilization, but the reason why you need to remember to move your galley, and all these other steps, is because the design of civilization relies on spread cognitive load and all these little counters that say "in one turn you can do this thing you wanted".
I'm not saying your idea is bad, it's great! But I'm saying civ's mechanics serve bigger purposes, even if they look like mindless tasks. These mindles tasks are the foundation of the design.

It's like simplifying starcraft so you don't have to micro, you would only take care of macro economy building and strategy, you lose depth. You have to come up with other interesting mechanics, other skills people can get better at.

Good luck with the game! :D

GeneralVimes responds:

Thank you! Yeah, I completely thinking how to balance micro and macro properly, looks like I've came up with the idea, will show it soon.