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Soft-power influence in Civilization Builder: new version ready

Posted by GeneralVimes - October 2nd, 2016

The new version of the Civilizations Builder is ready! The soft-power influence model was elaborated and implemented. Now you can separate a rival country into parts by inspiring a rebellion in it. Or you can involve an enemy into your sphere of influence. The AI can do the same,ans as you've became a computer's satellite you have to rebel quickly to avoid being annexed.


(Late phase of the game: so many countries want the city of Monad to become their colony. But the idea of keep the things as they are (STABLE) has the most of the supporters for now)

Other changes:
- New strategic commands interface
- City interface improved
- New resource: "Migration" is generated from the overpopulation in the cities. It's spent to founding new colonies.
- You can set the number of enemies at the start of the game.
- Next turn on Space

Versions for Android, Windows and Web

More about Ideas

Political processes of the civilization are defined by the ideas, supported by the citizens. Those, who control the ideas will control the world's destiny. You can spread the ideas in your and foreign cities by using your diplomatic influence and rule.

How do ideas work

Every turn some of the current ideas supporters get bored of this idea and they give up. Then the countries, which have influence over the current city, for new supporters (of those citizens who don't currently support any idea). And, finally, the supporters of the strongest idea, spread it among the neutral citizens.

When the support of one of the ideas exceeds 50% the political situation of the country or a city is changed.

What ideas you can spread

Being happy of the current situation. By default this idea is set in your own cities.

Joining your country completely. You can spread it in your satellite's capital (the the country will be annexed by you completely) or in its cities, to annex it gradually.

Including the country into you sphere of influence. You can spread this idea in the capital of an independent state. If you succeed it will become your colony (satellite).

Rebellion. You can spread it in the cities of your rivals to make them break apart. Or, if you became a colony of another country, you can start supporting the rebellion idea in your capital, to set you free.

Please, note:

to propagate the ideas in your cities you'll spend Rule (generated by obelisks and barracks). and to propagate them in the foreign cities you'll spend soft power (generated by temples and diplomatic academies).

You are welcome to test the game and share your impression in comments.