Entry #6

Armies in my Civilizations Builder

2016-11-18 13:25:48 by GeneralVimes

New version of Civilizations Builder, out turn-based strategy available for Mobile, PC and Web is ready!


Now you can:
- expand your territory
- gather army and conquer enemy lands
- use soft power to influence other civilizations, involve them into your sphere of influence or initiate rebellion
- explore continents and islands
- improve your cities and terrain

Gameplay video

How to conquer territories
Military power, which is produced by a province, is spread on its territory. When you create an army, part of the military power goes to it. Army needs military power to support its strength and heal casualties.

When two armies are on the adjacent cells, the battle starts. The battle takes place also when one player's army is on the territory of another player. If the enemy's territory military control is reduced to zero, this territory is captured. If you capture a city, then you gain control over the whole province.

The game versions for Adroid, PC/Windows and Web are available here

The game was showcased at GameOnLT, got many useful suggestions. Next task: balance the concepts, which exist in the game now. Then the game will move to the beta phase


Now testing unitless warfare: frontline vs frontline:


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